Grae Lynn & Co. was started in 2015 with a simple purpose – to use my design passion to create my own unique products. Harnessing my love of gorgeous fonts and an addiction to coffee, I debuted my first collection on Etsy.

At it’s core, Grae Lynn & Co. is a Canadian, woman-owned business that strives to make our customers laugh. Our mugs and socks are meant to inject a bit of humour, and remind us to not take life so seriously.

All of our products are created using sublimation printing, which means the designs sink into the surface instead of sitting on top like a sticker. This makes our mugs microwave and dishwasher safe – although repeated high temperature washing can fade the design over time. It also means our socks are comfortable to wear and safe to wash and dry – on low heat, inside out.

Today, Grae Lynn & Co. has expanded to not only Etsy but also Amazon, our own website, wholesale and in person local selling. We are proudly rocking a 5 star rating due to demanding excellence in our customer service. When you purchase from Grae Lynn & Co. you are supporting small business dream.

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