How's it going?

Hi. Long time no talk eh? It’s been a whole year since I wrote a blog post and Man. What a fucker that year was. I was so hopeful when I wrote to you in January of 2020. It was such a simpler time for all of us. We were so fresh faced, so young. 

For a lot of us I imagine it feels like we’ve been through a war. A war we’ve been fighting against an invisible enemy. And that’s the hardest one to fight. We can’t see this virus so it’s easy to pass off as fake, or not as serious. Unless of course you have seen it, have witnessed what the consequences can be. So naturally people are getting tired, worn out from the quarantine and stay at home, and work from home, and teach from home. It’s exhausting. Mentally and physically. And I know as we enter a new year of the same, with more cases and more quarantine and fear, it’s a lot. I’m with you. I feel it. My kids feel it. 


But I also feel hope. In Ontario, where I live, we have started vaccine roll out. (This is not meant to start a vaccine debate, so just don’t.) With that roll out has come a bit of comfort, a light at the end of what is going to be a long tunnel. But still, we can get there. 

And of course, as life is, it’s not all bad. Some amazing things have happened over the last year too. Everyone collectively was forced to slow down and breathe, get off the treadmill that being an adult is and enjoy some down time. For some of us, it was eye-opening to the way we were living. 

I have had the privilege of already knowing how to run an online business during a time when so, so many small businesses have had to pivot to an online model just to survive.  

2020 has brought me the gift of amazing growth and incredible customers. Now that the Christmas season is over, I can safely say I have *never* had a 4th quarter like the one I was blessed with. It was the most incredible roller coaster ride of emotions. I was stressed and overwhelmed with the shear amount of orders to be filled, while being absolutely humbled and overcome with the idea that so many people wanted to gift my items to their loved ones. 

I’ve approached 2021 so far with some hesitation. I needed a break frankly. Being creative and having to constantly come up with content ideas, new designs, new products etc., becomes a bit like a hamster stuck on it’s wheel after a while. And I feel much more inspired now that I stepped away for a few weeks. 

So what now? I’ve spent some time really thinking about what Grae Lynn and Co. is going to look like and be going forward. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and I want to really foster that connection. You have followed me, liked my social media posts, maybe taken the time to comment or even purchase something and that is not something I take lightly or for granted. 

My commitment to you, and my “word of the year” for 2021 is to Show the fuck up. That is what I intend going forward, and I cannot wait to see what this year will bring. 

Until next time, Julie


Hi! I’m Julie, owner and designer here at Grae Lynn & Co. I’m a Momma to two kids, two dogs and a wife to one amazing husband. I enjoy movies of just about any kind so drop me an email if you have a suggestion for me!    

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